Unique tour packages in the Halimun mist “Panen Madu Odeng”

paket wisata halimun paket wisata ekowisata memburu madu odeng

Indonesia,  Halimun tours – Unique Halimun tours there in the Halimun mountain. Ecotourism in the Sacred Bull, the village of Malasari along with a group of farmers Malasari forest honey. One of them is the Group commanded by AbanobSarta. Consists of 7 people, groups of farmers into the forest honey honey suppliers in the village of Malasari. In a year group AbaadSarta can bring honey to sell as much as 80 bottle 525 ml volume / bottle

Indonesia,  Halimun tours 

Forest honey produced by bees Odeng is famous for having many benefits to the human body. Apart from the quality, originality and its benefits are numerous. How to get a very difficult Odeng honey nanmenerabas many of these dangers, making it have a high value. In the village of Malasari 1 bottle dibandrolOdeng honey costs Rp. 250,000. The figure can be said to be a bargain for the price of this type of honey is Odeng original produced by bees Odeng in forest without human intervention.

Beehive honey Odeng that produces high-quality this wide spread Halimun forests. The search area including honey group AbaadSarta is Masigit Sand, sand Beurit. Started looking for traces of Odeng, marked by the usual Odeng impurities found in the dedauan, such as Mara leaves and leaf Kole. Then look for honeycomb Odeng oval somewhat flattened this magnitude not how in the middle of the forest vegetation of the rainforest Halimun meeting. Not to mention when the nest Odeng hang on tree trunks, this honey farmers had to climb and maintain the nest time taken does not fall straight down the ground. Keep the honeycomb so that it is not crushed. Bee stings? Probably already countless how many point of bee stings this honey farmers penetrate the skin. Imagine how difficult and dangerous to get this valuable chunk. Like the adventurous seeking a piece of jewelry that hangs in trees.

Ecotourism Odeng honey harvest, would be better done during the spring. According to AbaadSarta, a nice honey is when the dry season and when the flower bloomed Peacock Ki. Flower Ki Peacock is a raw material that can produce high-quality honey. When a tree is flowering Peacock Ki, odeng honey production and high quality honey tentunyaakan yanglebih good. When the dry season the Hornets will continue to seek food outside to be brought to the nest. While the rainy season the Hornets unwilling out and suck back the honey in the hive for them to eat. But the honey harvest odeng is difficult to predict. But to be sure, in one year may be twice odeng honey harvest in the forest.

It is time, for enthusiasts of ecotourism in a unique tour packages and challenging visit to light snow. Feel and learn how acquire Odeng honey produced in the wild forest. Enjoy the heart of Halimun ecotourism

 Enjoy the heart of Halimun ecotourism
Enjoy the heart of Halimun ecotourism

Written by M. Faizal (Event co. HalimunTours )

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