The wealth of flora and fauna of the Halimun forest in the Malasari Village

Paket wisata birdwatching di Desa Wisata Malasari

Indonesia, Halimun Tourism – World Flora and fauna with an altitude of 900-1250 Mpdl and precipitation reaches 1000-2000 mm/year, Cisangku block, Cianiki block and Piit Curug is a mountain under subsection montana. This can be found at the height of the trees have been measured up to 40 m in diameter and reaches 120 cm. In addition to the tree cover, which dominates rasamala tree puspa, saninten, pairs can be found in the area of light snow Village Malasari.

There are about 75 different types of orchids and some of which is kind of rare like Bulbophylumbinnendykii, b. angustifolium, Cymbidium ensifolium, Dendrobiummacrophyllum (source: dephut)

With humid and wet regions, tourist village Malasari became fertile habitats the growing various kinds of lichen and mushrooms. If the evening around the Cikaniki tourists can see the glowing mushrooms that adorn parts of the forest cluster halimun, which mushrooms supalumar.

In addition to the heterogeneous ecosystem type, Malasari tourist village has spread this type of vegetation is homogeneous i.e the tea plants in tea Estates enclave Nirmala Supreme

World Flora and fauna Mount Halimun Salak National Park as the largest area of tropical rainforest on the island of Java is the natural habitat of the world’s fauna diversity. Species that become key species and wildlife identifier HalimunSalak Mountain National Park is the OwaJawa, leopards, Javan hawk-eagle and Lorises.

Malasari tourism village in all of the key species of animals can be found. the other is a species of bird endemic to and migrants which are endemic in Java, with a limited distribution and is rare. Here too can be found species of butterflies, dragonflies and reptiles. Enjoy the Heart of Java eco tourism