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Kp. Ciwalen – Malasari Nanggung Halimun
Bogor, West Java, Indonesia – 16650
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Halimun Tour loaded with adventure, culture and experience life in village community of agrarian, exotic and amazing. Tour the nature, culture and tourism in the orchard, scattered clouds can give you newexperience that is full of adventure and challenges but seem more simple, secure, fun and will be full of memories.

You can feel the thrill of adventure in the cold arms of forest Hazy fog. In the tourist camping ground mist, at the inn and in the flying camp spots scattered in the jungle mist will find stunning natural beauty with a diversity of flora and fauna Mist Mountain Salak National Park. If lucky, the Javanese eagle will be visible to fly closer “maybe he was looking for prey or intentionally fly to show to the traveler for his ability in the skies,” or you will be gobsmacked when a leopard settles between interrupted trees waiting slit safe to move and then passing between the group car boarded when you are surfing through the woods and the night and crossed the horizon views that are not trimmed. In the course of the Mist tour, just your way streets with thick mossy mist-shrouded header and the headlights were limited …..! and at you too are our professionalism – Enjoy the heart of Java ecotourism


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The word Halimun refers to a mountain with a height of 1.929 Mdpl and or refers to a cluster of lowland rain forests are still awake naturaly, located in the western part of Java Island (Banten and Sukabumi Bogor). Halimun also the dwelling place of indigenous peoples who still hold fast to the ancestral culture including Banten Kidul Kasepuhan and Baduy community. Etymologically, Halimun means fog in the Sundanese language equivalents.
Halimun Tour is a business unit of PT. Highland Indonesia ® is focused in accommodation services and sightseeing trips in the Mist. Mist tour is currently concentrating on the service nature, culture, ecotourism, agrotourism, eduwisata and rural tourism.
There are many activities that can be done in Halimun camping Tour, searching the Woods and fringing the River, play in the waterfall, enjoy the beauty and the exotic the life of flora and fauna of the forest canopy trail riding or doing crafts, farming activities interaction and run along any rural community, training activities can be done at HalimunTour
There are three package tours: Halimun LemburExperience, Halimun Adventure Journey,Halimun wildlife and Nature. The third package has a lot of derivative packages that will be tailored to the interests of prospective tourists.
Generally Halimun Tour packages didn't know at least people, however there are several tour packages imposed the existence minimum and the maximum of people, this is related to the success of the trip activities, such as package tours (special interest) birdwatching will apply to a maximum of 7 people in each group.
There is a form of homestays and tents are on the pitch at the camping ground or camping spots. As for the food that was served was the result of a community around the Earth in Cook with traditional menus.
By sending us an e-mail listed on the contact page or may contact us at the number + 62 815-1005-7000 related package of interest, when needed later we will make a presentation of his packages related directly to where the prospective buyers to discuss the trip and the budgeting plan. (Jakarta and surrounding areas)
Halimun tour currently focus in the village of Malasari sub-district of Bogor regency, but pay the activity/travel/tourist trip could reach kampongs kasepuhanbantenkidul or Kanekes (baduy) and the other as in a cluster of scattered clouds
To reach the village Malasari mist can travel by bus with a maximum of 32 seats or by military trucks, while for small vehicles we do not recommend a city car.
We, PT. Highland Indonesia ® mainly engaged in outdoor activities program services covering outdoors activities with the method Experience Learning and adventure learning base that is currently done in camp Megamendung, Puncak, Bogor.
Such as for corporate institutions, in the Halimun we can do the training team building and character-building and other training in order to enhance the company's human resources, while for universities and educational institutions can do LDK, orientation and others in the concept of training outdoors.

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