FEEL…! The Heart of Java ecotourism that makes your amazing trip

Indonesia, Halimun tourism – the word Halimun refers to a mountain with a height of 1.929 Mdpland or refers to a cluster of lowland rain forests are still natural, located in the western part of Java island. Halimun is residence of indigenous peoples who still hold fast to the cultural heritage of the Kingdom of sunda wiwitan Pajajaran with his King at the time was King Siliwangi, the ‘Kasepuhan Banten Kidul’, among others, and are applied to societies. While Etymologically, Halimun means fog in the Sundanese language equivalents.

Halimun tour is also said to be Halimun’s fog is one of the trademarks of PT Indonesia Highland ® which is engaged in tourism Organizer with the scope of its tourism attractions and destinations are in light rain forest cluster. Halimun tour brings the nature tourism, culture, education, tourism, agro-tourism, adventure tourism packages are packed in special interest tour packages.

Based on the values of the nature, social environment and community education, PT. Indonesia Highland ® participate to develop tourism based Community Base Tourism (CBT) in the Tourist village of Malasari beginning in 2014 along with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA), Japan EnvironmentalEducation Forum (JEEF Indonesia), Halimun Salak Mountain National Park (TNGHS), Pemdes Malasari as well as tourism and Creative Economy Bogor regency.

Malasari tourist village is a village in the Western District of Bogor, the village wasincluded in the area of Halimun. Currently, acres of Acres or 78% 6,470 territory entered in the Halimun Salak Mountain National Park (TNGHS), 971.22 Hectares or 11.8% is plantation colonial enclave and the rest is village and rice fields/gardens managed agroforestry Malasari villagers.

With increasing demand for visits and excursions to tourist village Malasari from both the domestic and foreign tourists to enjoy the beauty of the landscape with all the aesthetic phenomenon that is interesting and unique, socio-cultural activities of the community are reflected in the system of customs, local wisdom, cultural patterns as well as the life of rural communities, then we pack in more stylish package more light snow low drifting snow Adventure Journey and Experience as well as Overtime tour package for an interest served with service quality based and professionalism, commitment and service orientation within partnerships. Feel the heart of Java ecotourism