Cultural tourism attractions in Malasari Village Bogor

paket wisata aktivitas wisata budaya di desa wisata malasari

Indonesia, Halimun Tour – Tourism Village Malasari, art is a means of entertainment that serves as a visualization media and communications. In kasepuhan ritual ceremonies, traditional art that is believed to have magical powers like marionettes. In ngaruat procession has become a spectacle even just enliven entertainment, as well as with tutunggulan who initially as a medium of communication between people.

Tutunggulan art is one of the many art and cultural attractions Sundanese often performed when tourists are visiting. Besides entertaining, artistic attractions in the tourism development of rural tourism Malasari it can strengthen the conservation process and reform the various traditions and help the survival of art activities.

In such a cultural tradition heleranSerenTaun, attractions such as art performances calung, dogdoglojor, angklung, wayangkulit and gamelan gondang has become a routine that is often displayed to Malasari tourist village residents and tourists who are visiting.

In Lembur Experience program, artistic interaction directly between tourists and residents are part of the charge of cultural tourism, in addition to interacting crafting and farming. This interaction aims to broaden the horizon of art in an atmosphere full of intimacy without limits and in the tourist village Malasari. Enjoy the heart of Java ecotourism