Ciptagelar is obscurantist cultural tourism destinations for tour packages village

Daya tarik destinasi paket wisata budaya di kasepuhan ciptagelar

Indonesia, Halimun tourism – Ciptagelar who sat this is the tourist destinations of cultural and nature tourism is a Sundanese traditional village where there are approximately 5,300 people inhabit this indigenous community, located in the southern part of Halimun mountain, belonging to the Group of Kasepuhan Banten Kidul. Etymologically, the Kasepuhan means old in Sundanese language, it refers to a way of life based on the traditions of the ancestors of sunda wiwitan. Indigenous elderskasepuhan is currently the AbaadUgiSugrianaKasawiri who inherited his father’s position when IE Abah Anom died aged 54 years.

According to the story orally, the Kasepuhan have been mostly cloudy digugusan since 1368. The ancestors of people hailing from the Kingdom of pajajaranKasepuhan with his King at the time was King Siliwangi. The primary belief system people Kasepuhan is SundaWiwitan. Nowadays, the Kasepuhan are influenced by Islamic beliefs and traditions of animism, but Sundawiwitan remain the same daily life behavior as his father where they have combined several animism, dynamism and religious tradition and became the unity of her everyday life in behavior.

Each year, community rituals called  Seren Taun Kasepuhan or ceremonies of Thanks giving to God Almighty over the abundant harvest of blessings as well as marking the beginning of the agricultural year in the tradition of Sunda, tourist that’s when both local and foreign tourists flocked to Ciptagelar to enjoy the cultural tourist destinations, natural attractions and historical tourism is in the unity of the kasepuhan Banten Kidul. Enjoy the heart of Java ecotourism