Kawung waterfall found at the foot of the Virgin Manapa in Halimun tours expedition

paket wisata halimun tempat wisata curug kaung gunung manapa

Indonesia, Halimun Tour – Mount Halimun clusters has much store that smelled of mystical folklore who becomes the attraction of tourist attractions. One of them is on Mount Manapa. Although not so popular among the broad. The mountain that can be traveled through the village of Kiarasari, district Pay is known by the locals who had purportedly used to place people in meditation.

Indonesia, Halimun Tour

Behind the impression of haunted Halimun. A row of mountains located in the Halimun Salak Mountain National Park preserves the natural beauty of the myriads of tours. Curug Kaung, one among millions of the uniqueness of the landscape became the heart of Halimun for tourists. Set at the foot of the mountain streams, Cidurian Manapa is gushing as high as 25 meters more and form a puddle with a diameter of 13 m. Give the impression of a dashing, Curug surrounded by this stone – very large-sized rocks. Stone refraction, Stone barn, parigi, Mating and stone Masonry enclosure. Not just the big name, the rocks are embedded embedded has its own story. Unique, isn’t it? When we can have an adventure while learning social and cultural history of the local population.

It only took 1 hour drive away from the parking lot of the tour to be able to witness the Curug Kaung which is at the foot of Mount Manapa. Track departure and return home could use a different path. Starting from stepping foot on top of the galengan (red: Delimiter between the box of rice fields that can be used for path). Panorama of rice terracing a pretty seasoned old stones scattered presents a beautiful view of the beginning of the journey. Not only that, a cluster of Mountain light snow as the heart of Java Island looks cool eyes. When dusk comes, tourists can watch the sky West handy blush. Just imagine, watching the sun set on a stand in the middle of saung dykes rice terracing, amazing.

(red: Delimiter between the box of rice fields that can be used for path)

After passing through the paddy fields of society, tourists go into the forest of Acacia. Not far from the Acacia forests, there are Pangbeasan Stone and the stone warehouses. According to residents, the stone Barn has a hole, where wind gusts blowing in the hole of the stone Barn. Tracks that traversed this Acacia forests after demanding is quite difficult. Need prudence in memijakan walk. Rocks and soil that this slippery moist forest conditions are affected, this is partly cloudy. Travelers will feel different sensations when going along tracks that formed naturally by the embedded rocks.

The dashing rumbling began to sound. The tourists will be at the top of big rock, here can watch Kaung Curug clearly. In this there is a waterfall in goa, it was said many nests pinis in goa which only has one entry and exit point. For reaching this cave tourists must swim with carmantle safety in the bubbling waterfalls in again. Pull the trigger, the adrenaline rush of travelers who have a curious soul. But for tourists who want to spend time to play cool along the water, could be going along the River to upstream. Not far from the Curug Kaung, there is a river or pond leuwi are not furious. On the lips of the River, there is the pelaratan rocks can be used to enjoy a relaxing time.

Have satisfied watching one of the attractions of nature at the foot of Mount Manapa. Tourists can stay in the area near the stone enclosure, this area can accommodate 10 tents with capacity 10 people. Landscape Mount Manapa the dashing, Cidurian River basin are flat and look into this great natural light rain forest cluster. To reach this area travelers should be along the River upstream towards Cidurian pass several obstacles. Barbed whips from Rattan it often deters tourists step on top of large rocks. Some of the older trees, tree-like Saninten also dropped to a magical portal all the way, it’s spots for you.

Mount Manapa, kept many secrets scattered clouds. Valor Curug Kaung which has a Cave in it is one of the many natural attractions: peaceful rainforest, largest in Java. Now is the time, Halimun Tour expedition team reveals the natural beauty behind the curtain magic guard. Enjoy the heart of Java ecotourism

Enjoy the heart of Java ecotourism
Enjoy the heart of Java ecotourism

Writen by: M Faizal (Event Co. Halimun Tour)

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