As indigenous peoples, Baduy has a tourist attraction for cultural tour packages

tempat paket wisata Baduy sebagai destinasi wisata budaya

Indonesia, Halimun tourism –  Baduy as indigenous communities in the cluster of the Mist, the current is very strong have a cultural tourist attraction and nature. Baduy, by dividing into three communities, namely Tangtu, Penamping and Dangka, Bedouins are the indigenous Sundanese wiwitan, settled in inland Banten with a population of about 400 people. Adheres to strict custom, Baduy tribe prohibits foreign nationals into its territory.

In addition to the Baduy, outer Baduy community called Penamping live around the area Baduy like Cijengkol, Cikadu, Cisadane, Kaduketuk, Kadukolot, Cisagu, and so forth. The Dangka settled in the region between the outer and BaduyBaduy in, Dangka have a duty as a barrier to limit the influence of the outside world into the Baduy in the sacred circle. Baduy isolated from technology and also rejected formal education for their children.

Every morning, residents Baduy within walking visiting several pemukinam-outer Baduy settlements. At noon in the southern village of Cisadane, they will open up provision to meal brought from home, eat, come from fresh food ingredients derived from forests and fields around, eaten in the house where he stopped. Activities of the women made woven cloth, bags made of woven bark and traditional Bedouin clothing.

National Archaeological Research found almost complete proof that the Kingdom of Banten long is one part of the old Sundanese kingdom besides the kingdom Pajajaran, Bogor. The tradition of old Sundanese poem contained in historical literary offerings, Tangtu performances and Centhini fiber is generally a source of historical evidence reveal the mysteries found in Banten kingdom or kingdoms in West Java in addition to the writings and official fatwa king. At about the 14th century AD, the Hindu kingdom known as the SundaPajajaran kingdom attacked by a Muslim army under the leadership of Cirebon, Sunan Gunung Jati.

It is said that the attacks carried out against the kingdom of Cirebon Cirebon palace Pajajaran Kingdom was so easy. This is due to welcome a large enough of the local community towards a desire to convert to Islam, welcome so big is because Islam promises heaven to its followers easily, unlike the Hindus at that time the official religion of the empire, to reach heaven, the believer must perform a ritual that is very complex.

Last Prince of the kingdom Pajajaran named Prabu Shoots unable to deal with the Islamic army, he and several ministers of his kingdom and forces fled to the woods, hiding in the mountains and canyons. Months or even chronic they shy away from the Muslims. Finally King shoots and entourage were fleeing came to a dense virgin forest vegetation called Mandala Singkah, that’s where they stop and the first place they stopped Panembahan called ArcaDomas, located upstream Ciujung. a very sad story about the escape of King shoots and troops still sounds of Bedouins in the form of songs during paddy season Laguan yellow / approaching harvest.

Nowadays Arca Domas is the most sacred place for the people and culture of Baduy, not everyone can visit this place. Arca Domas is simple stones arranged to form 13 values. Before much discussed about Arca Domas, good to see their confidence in advance, because many people think that the Baduy follow Buddhism, this is because the Baduy people with close ties to the palace or the Kingdom of Sunda Pajajaran parents in the past.

The fact that happened that on this day Baduyhave confidence in Batara Hyang Tunggal or belief in one God. This unity has the characteristic of omniscience, invisible and can not be imagined by the liver, omnipotence, which protects the creator of the universe movement, ravines, rivers, mountain peaks, forests, caves, lakes and other sacred places. When a person leaves his soul, he will return to Sanghyang Batara Tunggal. This belief is reminiscent of the Hindus in Bali, not in Buddhism. Name Sang Hyangremind the original belief of ethnic Indonesia before the influence of India, while Batara is purely Indian. It has an aspect of a mix between local and Indian, especially Hindu.

ArcaDomas is highly respected as PanembahanArcaDomas. Penembahan is a degree for people who are important especially people who have a relationship with the royal family and authority in society like a king, ministers, and people who have important positions of a king or a minister. Arca means statue, Domas means eight hundred, it is reminiscent of Bali with nearly 800 statues dedicated to high-ranking officials as the grave.

According to authors such as Prof. Veth, MrKooder, and Djoewisno, MS has been given permission to go there, “the place had beautiful panorama, Arising unique feeling Among hundred year old trees, stones covered by moat, deep ravine, beautiful and wide gorges. All These made an experience of a great nature sweeping a way the feeling of tiredness, hunger and thirsty. The path to reach the sacred place of ArcaDomas said is extremely difficult, and disguise. “

Forests around ArcaDomas has a large number of springs and closed even to residents Baduy though, there are penalties for perpetrators when violating it. sanctions be sentenced to 3 months or a ritual payment for his sins.

ArcaDomas is shaped megalith construction 13 levels of stone, its original shape is not visible, covered by a wide moat. At the rear there is a cave of stalagmites and stalactites.
Violation of the rules of traditional custom are serious action. If within 3 months of the offender is not resolved then the customary required to pay a fine and the offender will be exiled, land would be confiscated and granted to Indigenous stakeholders. If the offender is in a Bedouin village residents, it will be moved to the outer BaduyBaduy village known as companion, if the perpetrator is from outer Baduy offender to be sequestered in the village Cibengkung, Pangawean, and Cipatih. If the culprit is not Bedouin, then he is obliged to pay penalties, offenders would be released, but throughout his life is forbidden to enter the land of Baduy.

Personality Baduy people is very attractive, the body’s skin and their stage yellowish, looks straight, never laughing or joking, look arrogant but humble, honest, have strong principles but not stubborn, not easily to be influenced or persuaded, but never to give trouble to others, is now a tourist destination Baduy culture is very interesting in western Java. Feel the heart of Java ecotourism