The art of “tutunggulan” as a cultural tourist attraction

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Indonesia, Halimun Tourismtrok-tung-dung-prek-trok-dung….., daluang sound that echoes the string into a very attractive symphony though somewhat irregular, that’s the work of a clash with mortar pestle which is played by several women in the village Malasari in cultural performances, they should perform a procession of pulverization rice in “tutungulan” Arts attractions, attractions in this often adds up to travelers as a cultural tourist attraction in the Village Malasari.

The word tutunggulan comes from the word “nutu” in dialect of sunda, nutu means mashing. Tutunggulan similar to above rice mortar pounding activities conducted at least by four to six people while talking banter between one another.

Before tutunggulan developed into a traditional art, it serves as a communication tool of people living in the countryside like a made a point to attend meetings or used to collect the public when the occurrence of eclipses of the Moon or the Sun. After tutunggulan becomes an art, its communication functions are not removed any foundation of cultural tourist attractions tourist village Malasari, Enjoy the Heart of Java ecotourism