Baduy is old historical heritage for cultural and nature tour packages

paket wisata suku baduy dalam kampung adat banten

Bduy sebagai destinasi wisata budayaIndonesia, Halimun tourism– Baduy as tourist destinations of Cultural Tourism Halimun Bogor, are applied to the current cultural and tourist destinations is nature tourism, refers to itself as the Baduy is a small community of Sundanese. With the current population ranges from 12,000 people Baduy society, -13000 living in the Interior of the mountains Kendeng Ciujung in Banten Province, occupies a vast area of about 50 km2 where in it there are about 40-50 village. Around the 16th century, they reject foreign cultural influence while maintaining the values of custom and culture of sunda wiwitan with recluse in the mountains kendeng ciujung.

Baduy community efforts in sustaining a way of life that his ancestors have done with two major principles, namely, 1.confidence in God who holds the single-i.e. single batara which he lived in the mountains kendengciujung. The mountains KendengCiujung is believed to be a holy land and forbidden to enter human beings. 2. protecting the relationship between people with nature. as explained by Iskandar (2007:115) principle of customary law are applied is: “Hill should not be destroyed, the Valley may not be damaged, what long should not be accelerated, the short what should not be extended” with those principles, the baduy community banned back to cultivate the land that was once used as agricultural land, including banning the cultivation of padidipersawahan (using land area only for cultivating and berhuma instead of bersawah) , should not be plowed, dug wells, using pesticides and others. the family applied to not using inorganic materials in the life of his household. In order not to damage the structure of the soil, the House where they lived was built with stone from the tatapakan stage in which prop up home community are applied. There are a number of restrictions such as a ban on using the very taboo sandals or shoes, keep the animals, carry or transport any instruments, using electricity and much more. all this is done to maintain harmony with the forest and the river and avoid damage to nature.

There are two major groups within the community are applied that is applied to the inside and the outside Baduy. Are applied in the numbered approximately 1,150 people lived in kampungtangtutelu, Cibeo village, Cikertawana, and Cikeusik. Are applied in a very firm hold of the principle ancestors and living with traditional ways, the Baduy in considered patron natural balance with taking care of forests, rivers, and mountains so that humans can live in harmony with the Earth.

Since the first relations are applied to people with non-Applied very limited and restricted. the identity of the Baduy in in her everyday wearing a white shirt and a white headscarf as a symbol of purity. as for sister using gray skirt. Another case with the outside Baduy, their black and blue batik berpakian, 40 villages occupying a buffer to protect the sanctity of the Baduy in the influence of the outside world.
Although living in remote hinterland with a fairly heavy terrain, the BaduyLuar less stringent adhere to traditional culture taught his fathers, they engage with the outside world but the way it’s quite efektip to help maintain the purity of the Baduy In from outside influences.

Recent developments have resulted in the improvement of relations are applied to the outside world, most of these relationships were built due to the cooperation of tourism concept of ecotourism and cultural tourism. In addition, the interests of businesses in the region are applied that are rich in natural resources, potentially threatening the community’s cultural life and behavior are applied. feel the Heart of Java ecotourism