Focus makes us different so each tour packages on halimun is unique

Indonesia, Halimun tourism – is a business unit of PT. Highland Indonesia® which is engaged in the field of accommodation and travel. Specialized handle nature tourism, cultural tourism, agricultural tourism and rural tourism are packed in packages special interest tourism cluster in Halimun Salak mount National Park, Recreation tourism and Cultural tourism

Focus makes us different

With only handle travel tours in the forest cluster Halimun National Park Mount Halimun Salak makes us different, “focus makes us different”. We’ll find out every detail of a tourist places, tourist and handle material on tourism services, so that a trip on the handle will be more vibrant, informative and fun.

Every tour packages is Unique

Travel services designed more personal and an exclusive, where since the beginning of the trip planning, tourism partners scattered clouds will be dealt in detail with the holding to the deepest interest to meet the objective to be achieved from a group of tourists on a trip or tour to Halimun.

Light snow will make tourism trips in light rain all seem more simple, secure, fun, amazing and full of adventures and memories. Together we enjoy the beauty and the exotic scattered clouds with handling plenary principle based quality and professionalism, commitment and service orientation within partnerships. Feel the heart of Java ecotourism