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As indigenous peoples, Baduy has a tourist attraction for cultural tour packages

tempat paket wisata Baduy sebagai destinasi wisata budaya

Indonesia, Halimun tourism –  Baduy as indigenous communities in the cluster of the Mist, the current is very strong have a cultural tourist attraction and nature. Baduy, by dividing into three communities, namely Tangtu, Penamping and Dangka, Bedouins are the indigenous Sundanese wiwitan, settled in inland Banten with a population of about 400 people. Adheres […]

Baduy is old historical heritage for cultural and nature tour packages

paket wisata suku baduy dalam kampung adat banten

Indonesia, Halimun tourism– Baduy as tourist destinations of Cultural Tourism Halimun Bogor, are applied to the current cultural and tourist destinations is nature tourism, refers to itself as the Baduy is a small community of Sundanese. With the current population ranges from 12,000 people Baduy society, -13000 living in the Interior of the mountains Kendeng […]

Ciptagelar is obscurantist cultural tourism destinations for tour packages village

Daya tarik destinasi paket wisata budaya di kasepuhan ciptagelar

Indonesia, Halimun tourism – Ciptagelar who sat this is the tourist destinations of cultural and nature tourism is a Sundanese traditional village where there are approximately 5,300 people inhabit this indigenous community, located in the southern part of Halimun mountain, belonging to the Group of Kasepuhan Banten Kidul. Etymologically, the Kasepuhan means old in Sundanese […]

Halimun forest as a nature tourism destination for ecotourism tour packages

paket wisata halimun-paket wisata alam kabut hutan halimun

Indonesia,Halimun Tourism – Halimun as natural tourism destinations, its territory stretches from the Banten Province to the southern tip of West Java. Frequent light rain forests blanketed scattered clouds (fog in Sundanese language means light rain) and the hills around it, is an old civilization with a warm hug Sundanese culture wiwitan the great as […]

Cultural tourism attractions in Malasari Village Bogor

paket wisata aktivitas wisata budaya di desa wisata malasari

Indonesia, Halimun Tour – Tourism Village Malasari, art is a means of entertainment that serves as a visualization media and communications. In kasepuhan ritual ceremonies, traditional art that is believed to have magical powers like marionettes. In ngaruat procession has become a spectacle even just enliven entertainment, as well as with tutunggulan who initially as […]

The art of “tutunggulan” as a cultural tourist attraction

paket wisata halimun paket wisata budaya tutunggulan di desa wisata malasari

Indonesia, Halimun Tourism – trok-tung-dung-prek-trok-dung….., daluang sound that echoes the string into a very attractive symphony though somewhat irregular, that’s the work of a clash with mortar pestle which is played by several women in the village Malasari in cultural performances, they should perform a procession of pulverization rice in “tutungulan” Arts attractions, attractions in […]

Dogdoglojor magical aura welcome tourists enjoy cultural tour packages

paket wisata budaya seni dogdoglojor

Indonesia, Halimun Tourism – The art of dogdoglojor into cultural tourism in the village of malasari there, the art was taken from a musical instrument made of wood when struck will produce the sound “dog-dog”. And, because this instrument is generally long, shaped in the Sundanese dialect lojor means, then the arts blends arts and […]

The wealth of flora and fauna of the Halimun forest in the Malasari Village

Paket wisata birdwatching di Desa Wisata Malasari

Indonesia, Halimun Tourism – World Flora and fauna with an altitude of 900-1250 Mpdl and precipitation reaches 1000-2000 mm/year, Cisangku block, Cianiki block and Piit Curug is a mountain under subsection montana. This can be found at the height of the trees have been measured up to 40 m in diameter and reaches 120 cm. In […]

Halimun Adventure Journey tour packages

paket wisata halimun-paket wisata petualangan halimun adventure

Indonesia, Halimun tourism – Halimun adventure journey is tour packagesa series of activities in wild adventure ride that followed enriched process knowledge in learning as well as enriching. This rests on a package tour adventure learning based methods where physical activity, sporting emotion and thought dominated every session on the plot of journey’s activities. Activity […]

Halimun lembur experience tour packages

Paket wisata halimun lembur experience

Indonesia, Halimun tourism – Halimun lembur experience tour packages is a series of educational tours, where the tourists join directly in daily activity of Sunda people who inhabit a cluster of scattered clouds as artistic activity, farming and craft. This tour aims to increase environmental knowledge and insight in the countryside are reflected in the […]