Dogdoglojor magical aura welcome tourists enjoy cultural tour packages

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Indonesia, Halimun Tourism – The art of dogdoglojor into cultural tourism in the village of malasari there, the art was taken from a musical instrument made of wood when struck will produce the sound “dog-dog”. And, because this instrument is generally long, shaped in the Sundanese dialect lojor means, then the arts blends arts and sports motion between vowels with lyric which is the joke referred to as dogdoglojor. This art often welcomes traveler cultural connoisseur

Initially, dogdoglojor used to accompany dances in a traditional ceremony and rituals such as serentaunkasepuhan, serenbebenangan, ngaruat or alms. Dogdog dances nuanced diversity has Lojor sacred and magical spectacle which became limited by the traditional elements that are very strong. Enjoy the heart of Java ecotourism