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Nature tour packages with regard to forests scattered clouds from an altitude of 1900 Mdpl

paket wisata alam viewing spot wisata

Indonesia, Halimun Tour – They settled briefly in the tourist village of Malasari in order to enjoy nature and agro tour packages, enjoy the beauty of colors similar to the color of light rain clouds in the blue sky that calms the mind and appease the soul of expression in a viewing spot enclave Nirmala. […]

Agro tour packages in Nirmala Agung tea plantation

Paket wisata halimun puncak Bogor dan highland

Indonesia ,Halimun Tour – Agro Tour package in tea plantation with area stretches about purwa 971.22 hectares, is located at an altitude of 1200 s. d 1,900 Mdpl. Nirmala Great tea plantation was built during the Dutch Netherlands. Indonesia ,Halimun Tour In addition to producing tea, sariwangi beauty landscape scenery and the fresh air that blanketed […]

Explore destinations the Halimun forest tour packages with tracking

Paket wisata Petualangan Halimun Adventure Journey

Indonesia, Halimun tourism –  Malasari Nature tourism village the majority of its territory is the area of the National Park of Mount HalimunSalak (TNGHS) can be enjoyed the charm of beauty with a search path of Interpretation or Loop Trail along the Citalahab Cikaniki 3.8 km with pal hekto meters, unmarked and shelter amid the […]

Agro tour packages in Java terraces

paket wisata halimun-paket wisata agro pesawahan terasering malasari

Indonesia, Halimun tourism –  Agro tourism in terraced paddies, rice fields, which form the staircase looks to be a stretch of the carved face of the earth beautiful, amazing natural uniqueness brainchild of local knowledge technology. That’s amazing terracing managed slick and neat with traditional systems. Rice fields planted with big melon varieties has become a […]

Adventure tour packages at canopy trail

Jembatan tajuk untuk paket wisata Halimun Adventure Journey di Desa Malasari Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun Salak

Indonesia, Halimun tour –Your adrenaline will be tested at the time of adventure tourism in the Bridge heading halimun. Canopy trail heading that is a bridge between the big trees, transverse has a length of 100 meters, a height of 20-25 meters long and has a width of 0.6 m. A tree bridge is located about […]

Unique tour packages in the Halimun mist “Panen Madu Odeng”

paket wisata halimun paket wisata ekowisata memburu madu odeng

Indonesia,  Halimun tours – Unique Halimun tours there in the Halimun mountain. Ecotourism in the Sacred Bull, the village of Malasari along with a group of farmers Malasari forest honey. One of them is the Group commanded by AbanobSarta. Consists of 7 people, groups of farmers into the forest honey honey suppliers in the village of Malasari. […]

Kawung waterfall found at the foot of the Virgin Manapa in Halimun tours expedition

paket wisata halimun tempat wisata curug kaung gunung manapa

Indonesia, Halimun Tour – Mount Halimun clusters has much store that smelled of mystical folklore who becomes the attraction of tourist attractions. One of them is on Mount Manapa. Although not so popular among the broad. The mountain that can be traveled through the village of Kiarasari, district Pay is known by the locals who […]

Regent Hall Tour history in Bogor regency in 1947

paket wisata halimun-paket wisata sejarah rumah bupati

Indonesia, Halimun Tour – Historical tourism in Bogor Regent House first jang used to perform all the activities of the Government of Bogor district in 1947. At that time Ipik Gandamanah accepts the job of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in order to compile the Bogor regency Government centralized in Jasinga. After Fig Bogor […]

Natural tourism at Gunung Halimun Salak National Park

Natural tourism

Indonesia, Halimun Tour Therefore, natural tourism activities in TNGHS can support conservation and local economic improvement is examined. The high economic value of tourism and economic impact i.e. multiplier effect and job opportunity demonstrate that natural tourism in TNGHS as environmental services is very important. Natural resources and the beauty of nature in TNGHS should […]