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Stays and camp ground

In a tour of Halimun there are spots to set up a tent in the forest with other methods of flying camp, there is a camping ground which spread and has a capacity of 200 more people, there are also homestay and lodging in shades of the village surrounded by forest..

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Tour packages

In addition to the Halimun wildlife and nature that became the favorite, package Halimun overtime experience & Halimun Adventure Journey is the main package of interest, you also can tryBird watching and shower climbing as well as training packages are based on a learning adventure base

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The charm of the natural beauty of the landscape shrouded in haze Halimun is a major tourist attraction in Halimun. In addition to the amazing paddy terracing ancestors with heritage society are still upholding the customs, culture and behaviors of agriculture based on local wisdom. - wach youtube

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CAMP GROUND at 1800 Mdpl

The camping ground is perched at an altitude of 1800 Mdpl, facing mount Salak and Gede Pangrango in the background mount Halimun, capacity 70 tent dome, where the camping is equipped with tennis courts and a corner of the idol-viewing spot sunrise or sunset.

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Tajuk Bridge in Cikaniki transverse between large trees, has a length of100 meters, height 20-25 meters and wide 0.6 meters. While racing with the adrenaline rush we can observe up close formations heading stands, ever the cool breeze undertook to accompany the swinging bridge hand.

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With a menu of traditional dishes made from local people farming Family, AbahNduy family made it a culinary to served it to the tourists. Homestay abah Nduy House which is located in the village of sunda Malasari right behind the 1947 history house ‘Ipik Gandamanah’.

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Supposedly according to the story, is called curug Pi'it it's because of the immediate vicinity of the falls is primarily populated by sparrows. Curug Pi'it has an elevation range from +70 metres, the water flow in the cool green tosca forms the large pond in diameter + 10 meters, is located in Ciwalen village.

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Halimun adventure Journey

It is the Act of travel and adventure or sightseeing activities undertaken in the area of Halimun forest in order to enjoy the beautiful landscapes as well as aesthetic phenomenon, with all its attractions and unique nature interesting and unusual.

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Halimun Lembur Experience

Tourism activities in order to gain knowledge or skill gained from interaction directly between travelers with locals in an event of farming, craft and artistic activity in the village in a cluster of Halimun. feel the heart of Java ecotourism

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Halimun wildlife and nature

Is adventure tourism in order to enjoy the beauty of the mystery inside the forest of Halimun with a diversity of flora and fauna that charm and still wild. If you’re lucky, you'll see the Eagle flying cross space boundaries of Java or a tiger that walks among the sidelines of trees.

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