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Halimun Adventure Journey tour packages

paket wisata halimun-paket wisata petualangan halimun adventure

Indonesia, Halimun tourism – Halimun adventure journey is tour packagesa series of activities in wild adventure ride that followed enriched process knowledge in learning as well as enriching. This rests on a package tour adventure learning based methods where physical activity, sporting emotion and thought dominated every session on the plot of journey’s activities. Activity […]

Halimun lembur experience tour packages

Paket wisata halimun lembur experience

Indonesia, Halimun tourism – Halimun lembur experience tour packages is a series of educational tours, where the tourists join directly in daily activity of Sunda people who inhabit a cluster of scattered clouds as artistic activity, farming and craft. This tour aims to increase environmental knowledge and insight in the countryside are reflected in the […]

Unique tour packages in the Halimun mist “Panen Madu Odeng”

paket wisata halimun paket wisata ekowisata memburu madu odeng

Indonesia,  Halimun tours – Unique Halimun tours there in the Halimun mountain. Ecotourism in the Sacred Bull, the village of Malasari along with a group of farmers Malasari forest honey. One of them is the Group commanded by AbanobSarta. Consists of 7 people, groups of farmers into the forest honey honey suppliers in the village of Malasari. […]