Adventure tour packages at canopy trail

Jembatan tajuk untuk paket wisata Halimun Adventure Journey di Desa Malasari Taman Nasional Gunung Halimun Salak

Indonesia, Halimun tour –Your adrenaline will be tested at the time of adventure tourism in the Bridge heading halimun. Canopy trail heading that is a bridge between the big trees, transverse has a length of 100 meters, a height of 20-25 meters long and has a width of 0.6 m. A tree bridge is located about 200 metres from the Cikaniki research station was originally built for the benefit of research animals and trees in the forest. Established in 1998 by the Minister of forestry and Plantations which at that time in jabat by Dr. IR. Muslims Nasution.

Indonesia, Halimun tour –
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While in canopy trail at an elevation of + 25 meters above the surface, cool breeze-ever undertook to accompany the swinging bridge hand. While racing with the adrenaline rush we can observe up close formations that make up the forest heading Altingiaceae stratum upon mutually connect. That’s partly how to enjoy the adventure tourism in the charm of his panorama of tropical rain forest in perspective height with canopy onto the trail at Cikaniki.- Enjoy the heart of Java ecotorism

Enjoy the heart of Java ecotorism
Enjoy the heart of Java ecotorism