Halimun forest as a nature tourism destination for ecotourism tour packages

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Indonesia,Halimun Tourism – Halimun as natural tourism destinations, its territory stretches from the Banten Province to the southern tip of West Java. Frequent light rain forests blanketed scattered clouds (fog in Sundanese language means light rain) and the hills around it, is an old civilization with a warm hug Sundanese culture wiwitan the great as the great potential of tourism of nature.

In colonial times, the Netherlands Indies Government do conservation in order to maintain the interest of a forest area and its civilization, ever functioned as a resting place and recreation for European at that time, one of which is the area that are in the cluster mount Halimun. By the Government of Indonesia, the current mostly cloudy as nature conservation areas and nature tourism in the shadow of Mount Halimun Salak National Park.

In light rain, there is a fascinating natural tourism potential such as the beauty of the landscape and the green of the forest Virgin that often enveloped in a light rain, waterfalls, tea plantations and archeological sites that have high historic value.

The potential biodiversity cluster of scattered clouds is representative of the tropical forest ecosystem with wildlife identifier into a tourism attraction is the OwaJawa, leopards, Javan hawk-eagle and Lorises. The type of the members of the family Dipterocarpaceae identifier in the forest vegetation is partly cloudy. Light rain forest is lowland rain forests.

The community that inhabits a cluster of scattered clouds generally is Sundanese, divided into groups of people and not the kasepuhankasepuhan (the word kasepuhan refers to community groups or community who still live and behave in accordance with the rules of conduct-customs for long. Etymologically, the word kasepuhan of sepuh, which means old).in daily, community and indigenous cultures maintain kasepuhan ancestors. Historically the species concentrated in kasepuhanUrug, Citorek, Bayah, Ciptamulya, Cicarucub, Cisungsang, Sirnaresmi, Ciptagelar and Cisitukasepuhan. Community organization in kasepuhan have custom that is separate from the organizational structure of Government.

With the uniqueness of his life, this time Ciptagelar has the appeal of a very strong tourism as a destination nor a tourism attraction. KasepuhanCiptagelar often associated with King of Pajajaran and is one of the descendants of PrabuSiliwangi and Pajajaran Kingdom of Sunda followers who are still there, besides the kasepuhanCiptagelar. It is said that there are still many followers and descendants of PrabuSiliwangi are still firmly against earmarks and his way of life spread in a cluster mount Halimun.

The other thing with the Malasari tourist village located in the West end area of light snow, Malasari tourism village Charm that is so riveting with a picturesque landscape as well as the formation of vegetation that covers the forest area light rain keeps the wide variety of flora and fauna have been showing the beauty and unique with different characters.

Artificial landscape in the form of tea garden rice terracing and Nirmala are laid out in such a way showing the beautiful natural scenery. The condition of the physical geography and Malasari surrounded by the river Cikaniki and the river Cidurian and has many waterfalls by sharing its wealth of nature is as one of the natural tourism destinations visited by domestic and international tourists. – enjoy the heart of Java ecotourism