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Halimun forest as a nature tourism destination for ecotourism tour packages

paket wisata halimun-paket wisata alam kabut hutan halimun

Indonesia,Halimun Tourism – Halimun as natural tourism destinations, its territory stretches from the Banten Province to the southern tip of West Java. Frequent light rain forests blanketed scattered clouds (fog in Sundanese language means light rain) and the hills around it, is an old civilization with a warm hug Sundanese culture wiwitan the great as […]

The wealth of flora and fauna of the Halimun forest in the Malasari Village

Paket wisata birdwatching di Desa Wisata Malasari

Indonesia, Halimun Tourism – World Flora and fauna with an altitude of 900-1250 Mpdl and precipitation reaches 1000-2000 mm/year, Cisangku block, Cianiki block and Piit Curug is a mountain under subsection montana. This can be found at the height of the trees have been measured up to 40 m in diameter and reaches 120 cm. In […]

Natural tourism at Gunung Halimun Salak National Park

Natural tourism

Indonesia, Halimun Tour Therefore, natural tourism activities in TNGHS can support conservation and local economic improvement is examined. The high economic value of tourism and economic impact i.e. multiplier effect and job opportunity demonstrate that natural tourism in TNGHS as environmental services is very important. Natural resources and the beauty of nature in TNGHS should […]