camping ground for adventure, camping and outing in the puncak Highland bogor

Indonesia, Puncak Highland – Covering the eyes looked at his magnificent stand with mount Gede pangrango and the proud of mount Salak. Camping Ground is located in the hills of Puncak Highland Megamendung Indonesia, has a total area of 4.2 hectares. Highland camp camping hiking activities offer open in an atmosphere of high peaks and dense green forest.

– Highland is a smart choice to pull off a routine of modern city life with outbound activities, outing, gathering, camping and Adventure Ecology –

The area of applying sustainable management rules and environmental sustainability rests on the values of local wisdom. In the area, Highland has a miniature rain forest with diverse vegetation composition that presents tropical forest micro climate cool as a place of learning and learning materials.

Because of the potential for beauty as well as her coolness, the main target of the peak made excursions and nature tours of the mountains, this has resulted in a decline in the quality of the region, was the caused due to the Efforts of tourism built is non- reciprocal, meaning tourism maximum exploitable without being offset by the management space that uphold norms of environmental sustainability.

“Spatial environment is one unified whole that influence each other in the form of balance, stability and productivity of the environment impact on continuity of livelihoods and human well-being as well as his other living things must be preserved, maintained and preserved by the whole of mankind. “

Therefore, the design of the tread area of the Highland room setup camp in ecologically approach (an ecological approach), whereas the pattern of development of the elements of artificial elements used to support the inaugural program was approached in eco development, another case with the pattern of program development with eco-adventure approach.

In addition to has developed a natural-based programs, highland has been doing rehabilitation and conservation area, this can be seen with the abundance of vegetation cover that dominate the multicultural, this Also made the most of the Highland camp very shady green trees, full of sensual green felt cool and comfortable. Thousands of seedlings and planting fruit trees in a wide range of makes Highland camp as a vast trees so that the creation of a harmonious garden ecological dynamics.

Development of the camping ground of tropical forests aimed at education. Besides being one of the programs is to introduce various species following local knowledge will benefit the plants and medicinal plants which are in nature with introduced knowledge has developed in the modern into the program.

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