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Kawung waterfall found at the foot of the Virgin Manapa in Halimun tours expedition

paket wisata halimun tempat wisata curug kaung gunung manapa

Indonesia, Halimun Tour – Mount Halimun clusters has much store that smelled of mystical folklore who becomes the attraction of tourist attractions. One of them is on Mount Manapa. Although not so popular among the broad. The mountain that can be traveled through the village of Kiarasari, district Pay is known by the locals who […]

Natural tourism at Gunung Halimun Salak National Park

Natural tourism

Indonesia, Halimun Tour Therefore, natural tourism activities in TNGHS can support conservation and local economic improvement is examined. The high economic value of tourism and economic impact i.e. multiplier effect and job opportunity demonstrate that natural tourism in TNGHS as environmental services is very important. Natural resources and the beauty of nature in TNGHS should […]