Regent Hall Tour history in Bogor regency in 1947

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Indonesia, Halimun Tour – Historical tourism in Bogor Regent House first jang used to perform all the activities of the Government of Bogor district in 1947. At that time Ipik Gandamanah accepts the job of the Government of the Republic of Indonesia in order to compile the Bogor regency Government centralized in Jasinga. After Fig Bogor Regent Gandamanah was designated as the first, in the village of Malasari this is the activity of the Government is carried out long enough.

Indonesia, Halimun Tour

The Regent House is very well-tended, stored inside a variety of furniture and Gandamanah Ipik documentation. On the front page there is one unit of armoured vehicles as a monument of community struggle Malasari at the time of the revolution of independence.

After the renovation in the year 2013, the architectural design of the House is the original picture of jang history home community Malasari tempo dulu unchanged, surrounding the House there are also several historical houses with the same style of architecture and was a descendant of Regent Ipik Gandamanah.

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The Regent Hall of splendor in the way unruly believer at the moment of simplicity a small building in a home by the Fig Gandamanah at tempo used to be in Malasari. Enjoy the Heart of Java