Highland camp for camping, gathering, outing, outbound and adventure in puncak bogor

Indonesia, Puncak Highland – At the camp you can look the magnificent of Gede – Pangrango mountai and the proud of Salak mountain, we will not be imprisoned by limitation naked eye to see the charm of Indonesia. on the corner campsite , tourists can enjoy the luxury of a reddish color emanating from the horizon the western horizon as the sun seemed reluctant to accompany daytime fatigue and longer. In Highland camp, the reigning world sensation ends with three magnificent mountain standing before him.

By Highland Adventure team we will invite you to explore footpath more challenging and fun. Visiting the valley, dividing the hills and along the river flows among thick canopy formation stands. “In a way , nature will be a string of stunning symphony where physical activity and emotional if we will combine the role with the instruments of the forest”.

……or we will serve you with High ropes games to establish cooperation, self-reliance, leadership and courage in addition to improving adrenaline, then you also will be faced with a game – playing on the ground (Low ropes) challenging and full of learning from experience (experiential learning).

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Camping ground

paket wisata halimun puncak highland camping ground

The nuances of the jungle

Campsite with the feel of the jungle have a mixed vegetation that dominates the camp creates the feel of a very thick natural forest. There are many camping spots at camp Highland, one of the camp ground is surili camp because at this spotcamp outline Similar small monkeys and animals by local people is more popular as“ the surilis”

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Tracking and down the river

paket puncak highland wisata halimun telusur sungai

Tracking the highland

Walking street people search trail filled with challenges, through the Valley, splitting the hills and along the current of the river amid the lush greenery of the forest canopies and formation of foliage, a tourist will feel a sensation of fatigue but energetically to continue the adventure in a long line

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Highland Forest

paket wisata halimun puncak highland hutan highland

Mini highland forest

It’s amazing if you can enjoy the dynamic ecology of forest life- forming with a variety of characters Directly in the Woods mini Highland camp well groomed, a variety of birds that inhabited trees any time Twitter, are sometimes seen flying Javan Hawk approached as though Showed his ability to crawl space.

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