Puncak Highland for your camping, outbound , adventure and outing

Indonesia, Puncak Highland – at the southern end of the district of Bogor, located in the tourist area of the peak with governance apply the basic principle of environmental sustainability and sustainable and grounded in the values of local wisdom , Puncak Highland Indonesia there to answer saturation routine of modern city life with outbound activities , outing , gathering camping , adventure ecology and nature tourism activities and “pilemburan’’ Tour packages.

Puncak Highland Indonesia is a camping ground in Megamendung peaks , at an altitude of 779-1003 masl , within ± 68 km south of Jakarta and can be taken approximately two 2-3 hour drive . At the peak Highland you can look the magnificent ofGede – Pangrango mountain and the proud of Salak mountain, we will not be imprisoned by limitation naked eye to see the charm of Indonesia. on the corner campsite , tourists can enjoy the luxury of a reddish color emanating from the horizon the western horizon as the sun seemed reluctant to accompany daytime fatigue and longer. In Highland camp, the reigning world sensation ends with three magnificent mountain standing before him.

Highland peak has several camping ground locations for outdoor activities such as camp program Highland peaks at an altitude of 800 s.d 1007 masl, Highland camp, Highland peak Detanasha and spot shooting in the concept of “skylines adventure”.

Highland peak has several camping ground locations for outdoor activities such as camp program Highland peaks at an altitude of 800 s.d 1007 masl, Highland camp, Puncak Highland Detanasha and spot shooting in the concept of “skylines adventure”.

By Highland Adventure team we will invite you to explore footpath more challenging and fun. Visiting the valley, dividing the hills and along the river flows among thick canopy formation stands. “In a way , nature will be a string of stunning symphony where physical activity and emotional if we will combine the role with the instruments of the forest”.

……or we will serve you with High ropes games to establish cooperation, self-reliance, leadership and courage in addition to improving adrenaline, then you also will be faced with a game – playing on the ground (Low ropes) challenging and full of learning from experience (experiential learning).

Let’s go camping on the Puncak Highland Indonesia….!!

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Pesona Highland Camp

As wide as the eyes can see, standing with his magnificent Mount Gede Pangrango and the arrogantly of Mount salak. The camping Ground is located in the hills of the peak Megamendung, Bogor has a total area of 4.2 hectares. Highland camp offers camping activities and training activities in an atmosphere of open hiking high peaks and dense green forest.

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Highland camp

With a location can a accommodate up to 1000 people, Highland camp curug panjang has 7 large field for activities gathering, outing, camping, outbound and environmental education as well as several camp site as a placement area tent. Highland camp Curug Panjang has a landscape charm between the charm of the mountain forest and the water element in Puncak Bogor.

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Camp Puncak Highland

On top of the Highland Megamendung, sensation of the Earth was ruled by three majestic mountain standing before him. If the weather would seem a Lofty mount Gede Caldera set plain covered in wildflowers Edelweiss. In the other corner you will see the peak of Mount Salak depression charm that was said be inspiring Tepa teachers 500 years ago.

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