Nature tour packages with regard to forests scattered clouds from an altitude of 1900 Mdpl

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Indonesia, Halimun Tour – They settled briefly in the tourist village of Malasari in order to enjoy nature and agro tour packages, enjoy the beauty of colors similar to the color of light rain clouds in the blue sky that calms the mind and appease the soul of expression in a viewing spot enclave Nirmala. Or see his magnificent sunrise in the nature landscape not imprisoned Princess by restriction to the naked eye as well as the capture with the camera lens in General reddish color that radiates from the horizon starts at the Western horizon because the Sun is starting to seem exhausted and reluctant to accompany our ore much longer,

Indonesia, Halimun Tour

Enjoy the natural attractions can be enjoyed on the viewing spot on the coordinates. 60,44-12.9-e. 106,03-20,15 with views leading to a stretch cluster mount halimun frequently shrouded in fog or Viewing Spots s. 60,43-56 E. 106,03-06 that sitsaround the House of tokyo overlooking the stretch of plantations Nirmala and several viewing spots outdoors again with his unique. Enjoy the heart of java ecotourism

Enjoy the heart of java ecotourism
Enjoy the heart of java ecotourism
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