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Indonesia, Halimun tourism – known as the land of emerald equator. The beauty of the natural landscape, cultural diversity is a reflection of his legacy that is formed from the beauty and natural wealth of the archipelago are agrarians. To 2010, there are seven locations in Indonesia defined by UNESCO as a world heritage site and the other four are specified as a list of representative cultural heritage objects are not human.

With the natural beauty and cultural diversity of the archipelago. Indonesia has become a powerful magnet that attracts the interest of domestic or foreign tourists to come to visit a tourist attraction, because basically if a place has the appeal and uniqueness, then it will be a powerful magnet for world tourism.

Any tourism sectors are capable of accelerating economic growth and the provision of employment opportunities, increased income and stimulate other productive sectors. Then the necessary alignment sets a variety of tourism resources that are closely related directly or indirectly to better improve the tourism sector in Indonesia, especially tourism, which are based on the natural environment (Natural attraction) and human activities (Cultural attraction) that has a low accessibility

Halimun tours focus on the services of accommodation and tourism services of nature, culture and tourism of agriculture with tourism brings the principles of friendly and based on Community Base Tourism. Halimun Tour services on the target in order to satisfy the interest of tourists going to the beauty of the landscape with all the aesthetic phenomenon that is interesting and unique, socio-cultural activities of the community are reflected in the system of customs, local wisdom and cultural patterns as well as tourist attraction will be an agricultural rural community life in a cluster of scattered clouds.

Dive experience with 6 years engaged in outdoor activities, PT. Indonesia Highland ® is a professional in the field, Halimun Tourism is a business unit of PT Indonesia Highland ® will present the tourist attraction and tourism services in plenary principle based quality and professionalism, commitment in service and orientation of partnership in light snow. Feel the heart of Java Ecotourism

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