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Paket wisata Petualangan Halimun Adventure Journey

Indonesia, Halimun tourism –  Malasari Nature tourism village the majority of its territory is the area of the National Park of Mount HalimunSalak (TNGHS) can be enjoyed the charm of beauty with a search path of Interpretation or Loop Trail along the Citalahab Cikaniki 3.8 km with pal hekto meters, unmarked and shelter amid the lush tropical rain forest.

At the moment the following line interpretation, tourists will be presented on the charm of the diversity of the flora, fauna and natural resources contained therein with the walking street people search trail filled with challenges, through the Valley, splitting the hills and along the stream in the middle of lush forest and the Green formation heading tropical jungle foliage.

Various kinds of birds and rare animals as animal identifier (flagship species) TNGHS like OwaJawa (Hylobatesmoloch), Leopard (Pantherapardusmelas), as well as the Sunda Slow Loris (Nycticebuscoucang) and dozens of other species can be observed on the path to this interpretation.

“In the course of this nature, nature will be a string of amazing symphony where physical activity and emotional a traveller will chime role with instruments of the forest”. Enjoy the Heart of Java ecotourism