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Indonesia, Halimun tour – Ciwalen is a village located in the middle of a jungle enclave partly cloudy for agro tourism activities and nature tours, in the society occupied each day to make ends meet as a farmer-eyed and drape on the wealth of the forest. One of the tourist activity is camping ground Ciwalen.

Indonesia, Halimun tour

Kampong Ciwalen campsite is located in the village of Malasari, Kampung Ciwalen. Located in the Valley of Mount Halimun, forests of the Court surrounded by rain forest vegetation of meetings is very suitable for tourists who enjoy with agro tourism and ecotourism. With a total area of 7 pin according to the size of the local population, 1 patok is equal to 400 square meters. Campsite Kampong Ciwalen holds more than 500 people.

Not far from the campsite, there are 5 wooden House became the place of living of residents of Kampong Ciwalen. The local wisdom is still lumpy held by local residents is becoming an attraction for the visitors. Visitors can interact and feel directly the lives of the residents of Kampong Ciwalen who lived in the middle of the rain forest Mount Halimun.


One of the things that is interesting, for the fans of ecotourism. In the area of Kampong Ciwalen Campsite visitors can see the simple turbine made by residents about to fulfill the needs of electricity daily. Any lighting in Kampung Ciwalen Campsite is using water power. River in Cisarua which generates 200-500 Watts of electricity for one turbin. Not only that, with the down the River toward downstream Cisarua visitors can feel the beauty of the Leuwi or Curug Bombang.

Other natural attractions that can be seen in KampungCiwalen this Campsite is hordes of Owajawa (Hylobatesmoloch), Surili (Presbytiscomata), Langur (Trachypithecusauratus). Lembahan are overgrown trees endemic to Mount halimun, such as Saninten (Castanopsisargentea), Puspa (Schimawallichi), KiSampang (Evodialatifolia DC) it became the favorite residence of the birds perenjak. Endemic that is often found in this region is the Javan hawk-eagle (Nisaetusbartelsi). Often also found bird gold Hornbill (Acerosundulatus) flying above the forest vegetation is forest meeting of Halimun. The Court also on Cangkuang overgrown (Pandanusfurcatusi) derives from the family Pandanaceae, pandanbisatumbuh this high to 10 meters.

There are still many activities that can be done outdoors in Campsites KampungCiwalen. One of them, tracking towards the CurugPiit, observing the wealth of flora and fauna. Don’t forget, with all farmers owned this region will become a favorite destination for ecotourism and agro-tourism.

Facilities at the Campsite of KampungCiwalen are enhanced by local residents who became Manager of the attractions directly. There is a toilet, parking lots and houses the local population that can be used as a homestay. Accessibility towards KampungsCiwalen Campsite is easy, it can be reached through the village of Malasari. With a distance of approximately 2 kilometers from the entrance of the National Park of Mount Halimun Salak.

With the potential that owned kampung ciwalen, the activities of the educational nature of the student, the student or intermediate tourist village in Overtime Experience light snow pack often performed in kampungCiwalen. Enjoy the Heart of Java ecotourism

Written by M. Faizal (Event co. Halimun Tours)

M. Faizal
(Event co. Halimun Tours)