Agro tour packages in Nirmala Agung tea plantation

Paket wisata halimun puncak Bogor dan highland

Indonesia ,Halimun Tour – Agro Tour package in tea plantation with area stretches about purwa 971.22 hectares, is located at an altitude of 1200 s. d 1,900 Mdpl. Nirmala Great tea plantation was built during the Dutch Netherlands.
Indonesia ,Halimun Tour

In addition to producing tea, sariwangi beauty landscape scenery and the fresh air that blanketed the great Nirmala has made him as the destinations visited. Some tourism activities can be done such as teawalk, bersepada or enjoy some limited viewing spot Nirmala.

After a short trip were treated by symphony song of nature with a limited variety of forest trees of Halimun, visitors are invited across a plantation past that is still well preserved by the skilled hands of tea shoots pickers, there stretches a Supreme pleasure Nirmala plantation tea from each swallow is comparable to the beauty of the natural landscape that is presented to be enjoyed by lovers of the agro tourism. Enjoy the Heart of Java ecotourism

Enjoy the Heart of Java ecotourism
Enjoy the Heart of Java ecotourism